Freedom Coop’s Docs Minutes of the 16th Freedomcoop Assembly

16th FreedomCoop Assembly.

Time: Thursday march 30th 2017
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

Alfons, Enric, SFKLS, Carlos, Maria Tri, Ale, Michalis, Chris, Maro, Mario, Paco


1. Local node distribution, 60%
Concret proposal of distribution of the 60% to local nodes of 4 quarter 2016 Freedomcoop

We can get a previous consensus for presenting on freedomcoop assembly

Has been choosen 11 local nodes who has been alive in 2016.
the first 20% goes to all of them
for the second 20% has been checked the incomes of members by country and divided between the local nodes of the country
for the third 20% has been considered 8 local nodes who has been more active in the period, and distribution came between this 8.

The incomes came
Spain 39980 fair
Greece 6040 fair
Switzerland 1200 fair
Argentina 600 fair
countries without local node 4800 fair

All the local nodes have to join OCP to receive the funds it can be done using the form for the fundign campaign:

The local nodes assembly have reached a previous consensus in this issue:

we should make news about that. So people learn how freedomcoop does with distribution of incomes. and this motivates the people to join it and is important to connect with the communication of the work that local nodes does…the incomes from freedomcoop comes from the fees of the selfemployed members, the fees of punctual invoices and the fees of new membership (the 600 faircoin by each)

2. Alternative banking services updates.
– Updates coming from fairpay that will provide new tools for freedomcoop members
the first part of the point is about the updates that fairpay is bringing in the context of the service we already have with betabank As a context first. and to know the situation now Betabank express, that we should have an invoice or other justification for each transaction. Thats fine for selfemployed invoices, but makes a but difficult a flexible management in many situations…we need to combine betabank with more options in order to provide more flexibility to our members. Then fairpay brings in fact one online account to everyone, independently of if this person is member of freedomcoop or not (as fairpay is connected to faircoop and bank of the commons, not just freedomcoop) meanwhile the part of euros of fairpay are sent to the chip chap bank account, that bring lot of limitation, as we need to follow the know your customer legal compliance of chip chap..As chip chap realized that we are not happy being compliance,.. and we want to have cooperative and disobedience ways, they agreed to accelerate a short term solution for us,, letting us to manage the euros accounts related to fairpay, directly So, right now, they are installing their automatized system in the faircoop account in triodos to integrate this account with fairpay! this means that we will become very fast autonomous in the management of the euros in fairpay (perhaps one week or two, because they have lot of experience in this automatizations…) So, is mainly the same situation that we needed for bank of the commons, and is going to be ready soon (i will extend on that in the bank of the commons assembly on tuesday) is an iban number that only faircoop uses this put us, at same level than be ourselves betabank, and using the chip chap software instead of cyclos. that is very important in that sense. Mainly it means that merchants can do cashouts without providing their documentation. The proposal for now is make a system that combines fairpay and betabank. in most of the cases with a good liquidity flowing both, we can do clearence, avoiding most of the sepa transfers inside our system So for example, on the fairpay panel we would create an option of transfer, that could say “move to my betabank account”, and this create a transfer order inside betabank.. from freedomcoop to the member.
then we can use fairpay for the transactions that have no invoices… and betabank for the ones with invoices… in general…and betabank is still more secure for savings. this option is very good for people that cannot make invoices for their jobs, for example earning money in a organic market in the street they should use fairpay, and if they have savings, betabank just for the savings…
if you have a fairpay account you will be able to cashin yourself from transfer, without need to go to getfaircoin this means also, fast faircoin cashin (fairpay is automatic, getfaircoin is manual) So FairPay would manage either cash-in and cash-out of euros transfer but still for the cashout we need to define the rules and permissions,FairPay needs to have different roles also… admin, vendor (which exist already) and also merchant, freedomcoop etc. Now for merchant rights to cashout is already planned to add manually. one by, to that freedomcoop users, we should aply rules based in their commitments with freedomcoop. (so if they shoulc change 10% to faircoin or store at least 300 eur etc..) so the same that we already agreed

We need to get a way to identify freedomcoop members in fairpay, for using it also for the euro transactions.. related to that, the way should be using OCP to interconnect the different systems (which is the way choosen already in bank of the commons) but we need to analize how this can be done at short the idea is that freedomcoop members would be allowed to store euros in fairpay but not the rest of fairpay users.

we agree to use fairpay also for freedomcoop euros exchange needs, leting members of freedomcoop to store euros in their fairpay account and do cashout based in the freedomcoop criterias

– Card projects for cashouts
We are in the way to get an agreement with a company (probably bitwage) in order to get prepaid cards chargable with bitcoin for cashout in ATM

for finish the puzzle in countries out of Spain, we need another tool as part of the services.. This one is not so alternative but key for the transition process…we need a way for anyone to cashout from any country without state control to him/her and today the only option for that is a prepaid card able to cashout in ATMs so a card that not depends of a bank but still use visa or mastercard network. As we have more members with that need mainly from Italy and Greece, i has begin to search on it the idea is to get a provider that can let us to order all the cards as freedomcoop and then we send them to our members.
There is already many individual options out there, but they need to use your personal data and can be controlled. so what im looking to provide is cards that not use personal data of our members covering it with the cooperative legal infraestructure. Then the users who are trusted, by their invoices or other reasons perhaps, could ask for it to freedomcoop. This cards should be able to be charged with bitcoin, and try in the future also with faircoin, but at least if is bitcoin we can manage it as part of cashout options , amongst others.. what im looking is for a collective partnership

3. Legal form for contracts and residences.
There is different needs related freedom support and lack of residence permison
– people from out of europe that needs residence.
– people with alternative education plans that have represion in their country, and residence exchange could be a tool for their needs too, in this case also inside Europe.
We could setup a coop project to support this kind of needs.

Well the main issue is how to have a legal framework so we can provide residence or permits of stay To avoid deportation for asylum seekers Who work with us. And as a disobedience activity related to migration So for example in spain, we need work contracts so people can renew visas the framework how cooperative work can be useful for that is not clear, i still dont know any cooperative, creating coop members in this way..but could be easier to get framework for freelance, and learn from it..otherwise, anothe case, inside the european union is families who does alternative education, and are persecuted in their countries. so they could need residence in a country where this education is allowed. In greece for instance this need is very clear. The top down recycling cooperatives here in barcelona do these things. They are set up by the council to give work to the chatarreros.. the urban recyclers. this needs can not be covered with the current european cooperative. It would need an specific approach, with their own legal form. perhaps is a bit soon for us, to begin the proper work on it, but we could begin research for learning how to do it, and then make the development. solve residences and so is a big need as a big project. We could put it in big level of priority as alignes with what Freedomcoop should do… but we need first to make a bit stronger what we already are doing, ensure enough incomes… and then go for it!

We start to collect info about possibilities and legal framework to work on it in a pad

next assembly april 27th

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