Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Minutes of the 18th FairCoop Open Assembly

18th FairCoop Assembly.

Time: Thursday February 16th 2017
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group.


*add your name, country, node, organization… 😉

– Tereseta (Pais Valencià node)
– Cx (Ubatuba-Brasil Node)o
– Oscar (Galiza Node)
-Paco(Madrid Node)
– Michalis (Heraklion Local Node – Greece)
– Fundo ( Porto – Portugal )
– Bob (USA – Mikorizal software)
– Enric
Cri italia
Lynn (US-Mikorizal/OCP)
santi (bilbao node)
Romain (Bilbao node) (Late)
Lirca (Ubatuba-Brasil Node)
maria tr(local node thessaloniki greece)


0) Intro
who is joinning today (name, country, localnode…)

1) Current panorama

1.1. General overview of last week (article published, chat discussions, website with a investors section, etc)


Last assembly was 19 of january: @neilharan has created the first draft of website called in a rush on 27 of january
“Hi all
I took a quick crack at creating this website. It is very very rough and none of the text is proper
Please give me your thoughts. It has no art

*He shared at the FairCoop Design and Usability group – with has around 27 members (13.02.17) – these days this group was being so active cause since the last assembly some people had assumed the commitment to carry out new proposals for redesigning visual identity in the FairCoop ecosystem.

Many people gave feedback to Neil: Raul, Caro, Tereseta, Chris, JD N, Roland, Enric, Guy, Supermario…

Some suggestions were made to him (in the group and also by DM were included); main of them from Maro, Tereseta (about gender equality and also asking for information on these unknown advisors…), ??? more ???. Most of the text has been copied from (without asking for permission), such as, which was freshly compiled by Roland and has been improved by Neil, who has also access to the Drupal CMS.

A conflict appeared when 8th February a contact of Neil called Jacob Seeley (Jake) shared this post about the history of Faircoin and including Neil’s website.

> @e3467 on 8th Feb
Someone claims to be the first creator of faircoin in this text:
Inside that article there are facts like this:

“After considerable thought, I opted to create a cryptocurrency of my own called Faircoin. (With link to”
“Spanish activist named Enric Duran took a liking to the coin and decided to make it the official currency of his Spanish cooperative (The CIC).”
“15K+ members 300+ merchants? 30+ local nodes 25+ countries”
Fast forward to today, we are a strong grassroots movement with over 15000 users globally, ATM machines in Spain, Poland, Greece and Mexico and has a strong list of advisors helping the cause.”
Under the website there were two comments one of them was from (which profile on linkedin states he is strategic advisor at FairCoin. “Faircoin is a digital currency for the 99%. It is a global grassroots movement that aims to give the world a currency that is stable, global and incorruptible. “ and link to

A bit later
> @Bernin1
After this things went south.

Then, all the discussion starts about ideological differences, strategic differences, and lack of tools to manage this differences.


1.2. Time to some explanations by @Neil (website, information, advisors, etc)
Notes on assembly
Neil gave enough explanations on FairCoop group, but probably wants also to make a short sinopsis here for members that weren’t present..

1.3. Time for FairCoop members to share opinions about the website content and focus (who would like to say something in a constructively way, please write and in advance and be prepared for this day 😉 and looking to the future?)

points for discussing:
– relation with fairCoop

Notes on assembly
Enric say this should be an autonomous project with feedback from faircoop assembly, Connected to the economic goals of faircoop.
Oscar say in order to have good democratic processes We must find proper tools they are working on it and be debated in next assemblies
For Michalis Regarding the webpage I respect its an autonomous project.. baut also a couple of things that I don’t like are:
1) corporate profile (board of people, persons as advisors etc)
2) almost only economic focus
Such things show me the target group you want to have as investors and doesn’t make me happy at all.
E.: could happen that at some point we agree with neil to become a common project. But if this not arrive, or needs more time, for common values worj, and so.. meanwhile should be autonomous. faircoop dont have the power to stop any autonomus proyect arround faircoin. we, as faircoop can support or not support it. but not more. So, lets explore the ways of relate with this autonomy or common conception.
Reated to >Michalis concerns: 1. Corporate profle. thats the first point of michalis. (What matters most for me is if we trust the people who create these ‘autonomous projects’, so later we may trust the people that he/she is going to get as ‘investors’… for what I’ve seen so far, Neil has almost all my trust but was very premature the way this whole thing was constructed.)
There is many projects who we could feel close and have a corporate profile too, example

Faircoop is our proyect, faircoin is a tool that faircoop designed but is descentralized and no one owns it. as a descentraliced tech there is not central power arround faircoin

Enric proposal the creation of fficial communities inside faircoop So, then the people who supports an autonomous project creates a community of support to the project, and people who no supports also can make clear their position in a mutual respectful way.
Also we need a doc to point out about autonomy that will be discussed in the next assembly. So, we agree on document for “how to create an autonomous project” with methodology and process questions. A debate have been created in the Fairnetwork: /groups/faircoop-community/forum/topic/autonomous-projects-process-governance-decision-making-relation/#post-12893

1.4. time for ordered discussion/debate
Concerning the above topic (which has many sides) there are already some pads shared with member’s views. Please add yours here:
Michalis K. –
Valentina N. –
From the group DudasFinanzas: (spanish)
From Neil:
The most immediate need right now:
Ten core skills – attitudes – in dialogue –
Fundo da Critica
Chris: Be considerate in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others.
Bumbum: …still writing…
Neil’s approach:

1.5. proposal of joint work: in which we agree and in what not? What are the minimums we all have to be clear

– role of faircoop | values
– role of faircoin | values
– relation between faircoop – faircoin
– commitment of members (US) in the decission making process
– Needs (for our plans) and strategies to follow!
* transparency of processes and the relation with autonomy
1.6: (I don’t know if it is the right place to put it!) – I don’t want to talk again what’s happened, why, who and what… I assume good intentions of anyone involved and I assume anyone done and told things he-she believed. But this crisys for me should bring a clear statement about the following points-principles-bases:

– AUTONOMY: what we think about this word? What is the meaning of this word? I understood there are 2 parties related to this:
1- Autonomy means anyone can talk in the name of FairCoop-FairCoin because he-she is part of it. It includes to make actions if he-she thinks they are good for the movement and keep in touch with a small group that suggest ideas or correction or share initiative. So autonomy is total and FairCoop is a big organism where all these persons act.
2- Autonomy means people are free to do locally what they want and to talk for themselves or for the coop they represent, but to talk in name of FairCoop-FairCoin and to make actions involve the perception of “external world” has of FairCoop-FairCoin they need to have a delegation from the assembly or they need to act as the assembly decide. It makes the FairCoop a huge organism that control itself and who is asking in name of it, but it is not involved on the personal-local activities of the people that keep their autonomy.

– FAIRCOIN: what is? Is it a tool? Can we control? Should we control (if we could)? Decision taken about FairCoin should be discussed&decided only by people that have FairCoin?

– FAIRCOIN STABILITY: is it important? Why? What we are ready to do for the stability? Do we need to do that within a certain time or we have no time limit?

– TRUST: in many discussion we said “trust” or “untrust” about someone or about some groups. Trust cannot be “measured”, but only deserved, based on facts and credibility. How can we trust people decide to invest money in FairCoin (coming through us – obviously not anonymous that buy them via other way)? Following which criteria? Is that possible? Should they need an “assembly” position or is it enough to be presented/known by someone of us or simply we’ll trust anyone till he is not clear that he-she is a fraud?

– TRANSPARENT FUNDS-ACCOUNTING: some people asked for more transparent way to account money, expenses, funds and investors. Should we do it? Should it only internal or external too?

Only after the assembly decided about the basics principles we can discuss about “HOW TO DO AND GRANT THEY CAN BE ASSURED”. IMHO

Debated in Point 1.3

2) about Crowdaction proposal (as strategy for continue working)

200 persons exchanging 30 eur value of official currency for month to ensure the liquidity for the needs of the faircoop ecosystem

Notes on assembly
we need a multistrategy approach for the economy. We have faircoop needs. And we have faircoin needs, who indirectly but in very important way, affects faircoop ecosystem. For faircoop we need money coming to getfaircoin, For faircoin stability we need money coming to faircoin on bittrex. As faircoin gets 0.05 value on bittrex, more money will come easily to faircoop on getfaircoin.

We need to understand that only people who supports faircoop, is buying in getfaircoin because is they just want faircoin, in bittrex is cheaper.

And we need to make a collaborative strategy taking all the factors in accounnt together

So, i see three important points.

1. Faircoop community needs to organize together for supporting faircoin with stable actions of buying in getfaircoin. This is point 2 of assembly

2. The people of faircoop, who have more economic capacity, should also buy in bittrex to support there.

3. We should also support autonomous work for getting more investors to bittrex. people who share most of the faircoop values, but is not so engaged to support faircoop directly.

Taking in account that for bittrex (2 and 3), there is a prevision that 300k euros are needed. we need to be open to arrive to many people who could support.

The proposal of crowdaction shows, that is needed a stable flow of faircoin buying in getfaircoin for support the faircoop economy, this is a big need right now for the fairpay launch and the growth of use that it can mean. The proposal is about commiting an amount monthly based in what each one can contribute, with the goal to get 6000 eur each month. the general reference of the proposal of 30 eur by 200 people, anyway could be contribution of 10 or 100 based in the possibility of each.
This 6000 € are for ensuring that the expenses are full covered, and specially for cover the growth of exchange to euros by the merchants. The situation now : we are getting 3000 eur by month, and some more than 2000 goes to expenses, the rest to merchants, we are currently covering less than 1000 to merchants when the faircoin value is 2.5 M euros. this means only 0.04% of faircoins are changed to euro on faircoop each month, this is too much low for real economy if faircoins are used, the change to euro also will be used more and we need to ensure to cover it!.
This is a combined action with the autonomous project commented in the previous point related to getting investors so as much the community can achieve the goal of cover needs the less we need outside investors. The idea is to take a commitment for one year, after we will see what is needed. It is needed for going to the real economy at short term and extend the use of faircoin for daily life. Freedomcoop incomes are growing but we can not wait fot them to cover all before launching fairpay, so, combination of this campaign and freedomcoop incomes, will be a good balance.
Fundo propose that we could combine this crowdinvestment with the safe-life fund i’ve proposed ( ) . if it’s for march lauching we have time to improve it, we can talk about it in the next assembly

3) Economics
3.1 Economic strategy of FairCoop
Have an open economic group about FairCoin where all the discussions,proposals and agreements regarding the coin take place (investments,strategy etc).

Notes on assembly
Point 3.1 has to do mainly with collaboration and make everyone interested to participate in building strategies about our economic expansion etc. A lot of economic infos were shared during these last days, wouldn’t it be much better if we had already discussed that before and have agreed or not? Made it better perhaps? Otherwise it reduces also our inner trust, as many members during these days were surprised about how many fundamental things, regarding faircoin, were planed by only a few people. At some point we choosed to use general faircoop group for that as faircoin is so central, but we was not doing so much, until this past week. Anyway now could be moment to change or complement, It’s crucial to understand that we also need to have open and public to every member discussions. If we make a group we should keep it alive also…So we decide to create a specific group for faircoin economy (the group has been created and it is Faircoin economy strategies)

3.2 Transparency of FairCoop Funds & Accounting
Finding a tool (OCP? Develop a real-time tool?) to keep FairCoop economic accounting transparent and easily accessible to every member. FairNetwork is not the right tool to handle numbers. Regarding, that we have to make clear to everybody which are the common funds of FairCoop (addresses, amounts, incomes and expenses etc) and how they are used over time.
The use of OCP for this accounting and transparency development is already work in progress.

Notes on assembly
Point 3.2 has to do with transparency. I believe it should be a main focus for our developers and in the mean time try to find the best solution to that. An open calc perhaps? Where all the history of economic management would be put, so new comers now exactly what is going on. Afterwards, we need to focus on real time tools that would get data directly from the blockchain and the FairCoop bank accounts. (There is plan to make OCP full banking software This would mean also to integrate euros, there, and have api connections with bank accounts) We need to decentralice more this information and help to keep it updated. So we agree to start with a ethercalc updated quaterly. Till now it is showed in the economic management group of fairnetwork but can also be included in . So, this ethercalc is the next step, and then we follow with automatization with OCP, right?

4) F5 Redesign Visual Identity Process (as we decided last assembly, there’s a redesign process on going) and we would like to share with all you all the work we were doing and ask for you to give feedback, vote, consensus…

Notes on assembly
a timeline was proposed from the last assembly for we (the redesign and ussability group) to focus and develop an independent identity for the FairCoop ecosystem, including all the sub projects, tools, campaigns, etc.) There are some proposals worked and debated int he desing group that is having feedback from the people involved and some others. Just now there are two proposals, one to continue developing the actual style and other with very new desings. At this point there is not consensus about how to continue with this process so we decide to continue developing it in the degisn group and try to reach a consensus about how to proceed (new redesign or continue with the actual style) So de decision are to continue working in the design group and we decide to have a monografic assembly proposed for the first of march or the first thursday.)

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