Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Minutes of the 22th FairCoop Open Assembly

22nd FairCoop Assembly.

Time: Thursday June 15th 2017
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group.

Enric, johnny, Pilikum, zumbrunn, SFKLS, Michalis, yosu, Mario108, yusuf40, Roberto, mmoya, PacoLoose, NikolaNS, lolo, Pedroskv, pablo(Serkeftin), Dion, Isabel, Isa, Edgar, Xavier, Roberto, Romain, Maro, Roland, Endika, Thomas, Guy, Juanse, Christian, Neil


1. News and updates related to a possible FairCoin price revaluation
Due the recent changes into the bitcoin price and the Faircoin price in Bittrex we need to debate again about it. Also related the relation on this and the growing demand in getfaircoin.
Pad to explain it (English and Spanish):
Additional Info:

During the last month we have seen a huge increase in the bitcoin price which has also lifted up the faircoin price on the open market, like other cryptos as well so we were trying not to rely only on the bitcoin price but also gather information of the internal faircoop ecosystem with some more specific figures. What you see in the first document is just a start and would need more data from all who can provide them. also other points which might be important can be added and in the second one tried to explain the pros and the cons of a price increase.

Is important to say, that together with the bitcoin price, there is other clear factors of change. One is the huge faircoin volume increase both in bittrex and in getfaircoin This on bittrex, creates more interest for traders, which also makes more and more possible their interest in buying and making the price grow. In our ecosystem the combination of growth in volume in getfaircoin on growth of price in bittrex, creates a situation where we are losing reserves in faircoin and have no capacity for rebuying them at same price. There are faircoin holders outside the faircoop ecosystem who are probably doing it(selling) or people who bought there and from time to time selling. The point is that we have not still better tools for fighting for that, than making the price growth, all the other options needs development (reputation systems).
What is happening is just that we are getting more and more euros and can not buy the same amount of faircoin with this euros, the market at bigger price, that getfaircoin, makes the % of coins in hands of people of the ecosystem go down. If we want not to see at the market then we need to have the price higher than the market, at least for now, when our price is still very low for our long term goals. we are thinking about such reputation system to have more capacity to implement policies…but it needs time to develop it, it needs to be implemented from the checkout process, not after it manually.
So the proposal is to rise the official price of Faircoin to 1:10 and simultaneously work on the reputation system

We can not be sure when time will have until the same situation of pressure in exchanges… So, at the same time is important to be working in all the rest, Right now we are in a process of creating big alliances with movements around bank of the commons this is already in the way of adding important value of faircoin, so not be scary about thinking big, for the price of faircoin too, because what we are doing is very valuable really

Consensus: go to 1:10

2. Proposal to use ƒ (U+0083) NO BREAK HERE, as short symbol for Faircoin similar to €, $, etc
other options that are not a control character:
– ƒ (U+0192) LATIN SMALL LETTER F WITH HOOK (enter on Linux: Ctrl-Shift-u, then 0192 Enter)
– F
– no official symbol (natural selection)
Not consensus

3. Is it necessary that there are some other people who are responsible for checking and validating the registrations in Market and Use.fair-coin? It is to energize this process, which, at present, tends to last for several days. If participation is increasing, it should be more agile. Also, the new requests in Use fair-coin should be managed if possible by local nodes, that are those in control of the way places around them work.
(in general its maybe good to make a list of task/responsibilties which can be hand over to other community members to relieve people with lots of task/responsibilities in the ecosystem –> this could relate to social media accounts, website updates, administrative tasks etc.)

This already is being done in daily bases, depending of needs and petitions. I Not think there is lot progress to do in a global assembly, specially this one because is very crowded. If we need to organize better the local node participation in use.faircoin better
to do in a local nodes assembly. next one 26 of june. The problem for decentralizing in fairmarket is that is very complicated

4. “FairCoop ecosystem.Visual identity” pending bounty request: @tereseta and @Caro_2001
there was still a pending bounty called “FairCoop ecosystem. Visual identity” I would like to ask for me and @Caro_2001 ask for it because all the work we’ve done last months (and other I’m still doing related with implementations and hopefully we’ll do in the future)
We agree on give the bounty 5000FAIR each

4.2 Make a call for beginning a new discussion of development priorities and a new way how to reward them. In general we could use the summer for making some reorganization in the way we work together and prepare for the next course, which will come with big opportunities and challenges.
we already decided time ago, to think during 2017 a new process searching for priorities for rewarded projects/works… I think that july and august will be a good time for going in deep to discuss this priorities for the faircoop ecosystem now is moment to improve our inner selforganization, and use the coming capacity for distributing value in faircoin, for create a more broad process of rewarding coop work.
Proposal: to open a process on this, and develop in the coming two months, for take a decision likely in august Perhaps we can open a telegram group for this process. the proposals of the working group, could include actually summercamp/hackatons in august, too (virtual) We have big challenges coming up, and need to organize ourselves better! summer is good time for going to this deep issues. just to give a short concept. OCP tasks management should begin to be used for the faircoop tasks related value distribution.
1. Most of the sections of work, needs more activity done. From communication, education, freedomcoop, until of course many technical developments. There is many people around here who could contribute better if some of the work is paid, but we need to figure out how we can do that without creating bigger centralized structure, but supporint the principles of open cooperation and decentralization
2. Fairfunds could come in 2018, and we need to be good internally for focusing in that. This includes also better support for local nodes around the world.
3. Right now few people is overwhelmed, and many do not know how to contribute, because lack of mechanisms combined with needing to focus on get a work outside. So this is also part of what our plan should solve
4. coming up to the technical side, it will be a big story itself, but we can not develop here… it would need a full assembly just on it

We agree on create a telegram group: Faircoop open coop work

5. Launch of FairCoin2 on 27 June 2017
Announcement text for community and press:
we continue working on the texts We should have a nice visual for the launch. Ideally a photo, where two people do a transaction with the mobile phone and look very “cooperative”. Anybody?
Also try in general that specialized media bring attention techcrunch could be… or wired still better
we need a crunchy story. do we have a person, who already has benefit a lot from FairCoins and who would be willing to be interviewed?Neil offers to do it
we continue working on it on the communication group but is important to work on it and dont let it for last minute

Related chain admin test session on Sunday 8 p.m. CEST?

Thomas like to add something to the FairCoin2 launch:

It is rather crucial that we agree on the transaction fee. So, I suggest to discuss this in the FairCoin economic group on an asynchrony manner and get down to it next week. My current proposal is 0.05 FAIR per Kb.

6 Proyecto de FairRadio ( @Solidaria )
Some weeks ago, I proposed in Education ad comunication group, to create FairRadio. here, in jura, we have solidarityfm radio. The proposal is to use its infraestructure that has been working since the beginning of this year and the public that we already have here, and for us it’s important to give priority to Faircoop I think we need to be represented in all posible aspect to reach people and let them know us currently in internet The radio is working 24/7 all day and we are continually working. In different languages The proposal is to create FAirRadio counting with the global support
We don’t make only online programs, but also phisical programs, says @Solidaria. The physical programs could be done also in other local nodes
the ideal thing would be to mix both things phisical and on line
the way the project plans to be sustained economically by a crowdfunding. so far it is all volunteer based and the external costs were payed trhough donations (with only one donating.
suggestion of a FairRadio group should work out a more detailed plan on the following issues: tools, content, frequencies, contribution from the community, finance, administration, cooperation with other radio stations (program exchange etc). Making 24/7 radio is a big job and needs decent planning. This group already exist: Glocal Newsroom
The proposal is that Faircoop endorsed it and also some faircoin support for the volunteer work
We can agree the general endorsement, and wait for a more concrete plan, before a economic support from faircoop

7. Intellectual Property Right situation with FairCoin brand
The person, who holds several FairCoin.* domains, has now also registered the FairCoin brand for all European Countries. Remember, I had been putting this on the agenda some months ago and we agreed to wait and try to talk to him. A colleague met him this week in Amsterdam. He prepares a patent for a mechanism of fair rating for which he wants to use Faircoins (not ours!). The question is, if I should consult a lawyer for potential next steps and options. We have the FairCoin foundation budget decided in the last assembly.
we should answer as a movement, and not in a legal ways…
Anyway I already count with a lawyer for this kind of staff. she will be proposed as lawyer of bank of the commons we can ask her and also Thomas and Roland was talking with a lawyer.
So we decide 1. to let a lawyer make a risk analysis and proposals and 2. to keep good contact with the domain and brand holder and invite him for cooperation.

Next assembly July 20th

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