Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Minutes of the 23th FairCoop Open Assembly

23rd Global Faircoop Assembly
Thursday, July 20, 2017 19h CET

Faircoop assemblies group in telegram

Maro, Michalis, e3 Mario, Yusuf, Christian, Indalo, Tereseta, Paco, retrodesvan, sporos, Edgar, Pilikum, Thomas, Ferdinand, Ale, mmoya, Chris, Thomas, Nikola, Roland, Alton, Guy
1. Updates related FairCoin 2 activation
The launch went very smoothly. There were many possibilities where thing could have gone wrong, but they didn’t! 😉 Everybody was helping together. Also the timing worked perfectly. The admins were all available to perform their initial tasks. The CVN operators quickly provided updated and working systems, so all of them could be added quickly to the blockchain. Luckily Bittrex started to cooperate and also performed a smooth and quick upgrade to FairCoin2. We were able to negotiate with them to lower the number of required confirmations for a deposit to be accounted from 20 to 10.

Big applause and appreciation to Thomas and all who contributed and were active that day.
Pending: Electrum Wallet for Linux, iOS and Android (new!)

We may need a mechanism so that chain admins find a common date to do signings e.g. for adding CVNs, we can offer (a doodle replacement)

Please collect media coverage on FairCoin2 launch (important e.g. for Wikipedia article reference section)) here:
photos of the launch session (photos also available in ownCloud FairCoopCommunication/FairCoopCampaigns/)
2. Faircoop economy situation second quarter 2017. Euros and Faircoins

here it is the data of second quarter with a superavit of 15100 eur and a loss of 298000 faircoins

Also has been updated the faircoop funds list in faircoin

We agree that we will need a more professional ledger system and detailled reports in future.
Summer camp will be a great opportunity to work on this issue to organise a team and the tasks to have everything clear and liberate others from administrative tasks.
3. Proposal for moving to pooled fund, the 600000 coins minted on the fairfunds.
From the 9700000 Faircoins in fairfunds. This is how they has been reach aprox
9000000 from initial donation
100000 from other donations mainly from permanent coopfunding campaign
600000 from minting the funds.

Proposal. As the pooled + recovery funds, are very limited, to move the 600000 faircoins minted to pooled fund, for faircoop expenses and getfaircoin sells.

Proposal has been accepted.
4. Faircoop Summercamp

Faircoop Summer Camps in Jura (Switzerland) 2017. July 30 – September 22

* Information and priorities.
So, the first summercamp is focused in support people to create local nodes. The second summercamp in Blockchain for women, The third one in the open coop work of the faircoop ecosystem and the fourth in developing models of glocal governance.

The third camp could include also the tech part. In fact the full third camp can be understood as a integral faircoop hackaton. Needs proper planning of tools, content and methods.

This could bring around 84 people to the camps. Some perhaps will come just one week, others will combine more than 1 camp
For the first camp we have a schedule of afternoon sessions on different topics. For the other camps this needs to be still worked out (I think)
* Proposal of budget contribution by Faircoop
5000-7000 eur could be a good proposal taking in account growing euro liquidity, stated already in previous quarter. We could reconsider in 17 of august assembly, the budget if there is more need

Proposal accepted

5. There are 5 new CVN applicants
What would be the validation procedure now.

(appointed) Alt Jensen (already took part as a CVN in the test blockchain but then disappeared for several weeks)
(postponed) Sheldon Bennett (contact through Neil)
(postponed) Ivan Andres Zubilewicz (incomplete application form – PGP key missing)
(postponed) Petros Polonos (already has a OCP account)
(appointed) Maro

Next assembly August 17th

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