Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Minutes of the 9th FairCoop Open Assembly

Ninth FairCoop Assembly.

Time: Thursday May 19th
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group




1. Updates Faircoin 2 Crowdinvestment campaign.

Notes about point 1
The campaign has begun. We has been trying to make grow the first contributions before making broader sharing in mailing lists…tried to send today but was an error and it will be resent tomorrow.

One forum topic has been created for discussion and a telegram group for management. all is open

Otherwise the Faircoin 2, technical process is called to help to give awareness to the project. Yesterday we begin to share the faircoin 2, github and also with the new image. Also the update of the white papers should arrive next week, Which should be the time to share specially between hackers communities

At monetary level, currently has been received 1220 euros and 1000 more isgoing to arrive in next days. Around 200 euros has been used in bittrex to buy faircoins. Rest keep for expenses, but many of them, should go to current expenses, that are pending. We strongly need the first 6000-8000 euros, in order to cover the short term expenses, at same time that we can continue buying some faircoins.

Is important that everyone already involved in faircoop understand very well the process and feels able to participate in it, and share it, in that sense is important to know and solve doubts that already here could be because this could help to improve the communication related the campaign and the people involved inthe Faircoop can make an effort to share the campaign through networks and friends because this is key for this kind of campaign to have success.

At the comunication level, I think is a bit dificult to understand the special offer of half price if just sharing the link (is explained very down and without any highlighting)… but i like it! is just that we need to explain directly the offer when sharing with friends, like a syntesis of the offer facts for newcomers…also some graphics could help to understand the offer and price relations: bittrex -> special offer -> faircoop value (use in fairmarket local shops etc…); And how the circular economy can help to make this process sustainable

2. Proposal about network at Integral CES for managing the exchange offices.

Notes on Point 2
This is a proposal about the general management of the exchange offices, for the management of social currencies, when there are, and for the management of the official currencies in a transparent way.
That proposal is born after discussions and elaboration between people on catalan node and CIC that realized that this should become an international proposal, because same management techniques could be important for all the nodes and adapted the proposal for all faircoop as you can read in the document above.

The concret proposal is to create two internacional networks at integralces, the software that many networks connected with faircoop are already using.
– One of the network suggest with the name SCUR (social currency) should be for the local currencies management in each node,
– The second network called CASH, should be for the official currencies management.

Integralces lets the networks exchange directly with others. This means that SCUR will recibe coins from other local networks when exchange local currency to faircoin or to official currency, and will send local currencies to other networks when exchange faircoin to local curency and official to local currency.
In the case that the local currency not use integralces/CEs, then the local node will need to create an account in the local exchange system for doing there the exchanges and accounting also in SCUR. This will make possible to interconnect local comunities worldwide, using the exchange offices and will help faircoin to be used for that interconnections.
These two networks are only used by the exchange offices around (no user accounts).

The catalan node, was beginning to create accounts in each echange, but then CIC people suggested to do in the way we are presenting today.
If the local networks are not in CES/IntegralCES, we are going to do both. Create a local account there and also make accounting in the SCUR, this also supports full transparency of the system, is a common ledger for all the global system. As the amounts can not be in two places at the same time we will need an issuer account inside the system to reproduce the values So, each local office will have their issuer account if they work with cyclos for instance, meaning a new ‘central’ exchange to account for all the different ecoxarxas when transactions from social currency, faircoin and fiat currency are made, but will be both central exchanges, one for social currencies other for official currencies.
The faircoin part will be registered in the blockchain and watched in the explorer because is more advanced system than integralces.
Also the system is open for money creation, if there are specific agreement between exchanges and local networks, case by case, not by default.

For goods and services transactions can happen or between integralces networks, or changing to faircoin and then using Faircoin.
It act like kind of ‘social banks’ then, taking care of social currency and exchanges to other currencies.

About the exchange network for official currencies CASH, the CASH network each exchange office will have an issuer acount, a balance account for cash, an a balance account for digital money, seeing that figures we will know the official currency states of any exchange and this will bring transparency to all the network. In this case, the network is closed and not interact with other networks because is not social currency but official currency. So, when someone comes to the local office, and buy faircoin with euro in cash, then there are a move from the issuer account to the balance account for cash, if at some point that cash is moved to digital account, there are a move from the cash balance account to the digital balance account. This complement the proposal we had for accounts in betabank, which are not transparents to users from other accounts, in the CASH exchange they are transparents.This lets make movements, between exchange offices also. So for example can be exchanges beetween digital accounts, to faircoin, between offices.

We can proceed with the accounts creation. In that sense we should agree on how to manage the admin account.

3. Sharing experience from OuishareFest and proposal of possible tools for FairCoop organisation.

Notes on Point 3
Mario and Maro attend the festival and share some thoughts about it:
The festival were very interesting and intensive, mainly talking about blockchain and organisation structures etc, but ouishare is more like for businesses and making connections with them through the “old economic model” from my point of view and there is no many open cooperatives there.

This year the Ouishare fest focus on blockchain so there where presented interesting developments around the blockchain that could be interesting take a llok on it like Backfeed the last development from Primavera de Philippi:

Also the fest was around governance and organization model so related to intersting tools to take a look was Loomio to help organice the tasks and the decision making procces:

In the other hand some thoughts about what the team that attend to the Ouishare Fest related to organization they want to share is what we can do in order that more people that are now in the telegram groups and in the Fairnetwork can join and be more active, so they prposed to create a survey to know a little bit more about them, their skill and interest and to know the difficulties they find if they want to be more involved.
Enric say that he think that survey is not useful because most of the people is involved at local level mainly Maro say that this is true but there is other people in the telegram groups that are in silence and she want to know more about them, and their skills and why, even if there is because they are not interested to be more involved, but those who are not more involved because they dont know what tasks they can do this can be useful for the project. Enric suggest also other ways more decentralized like open forums and use social media, for calling to show how you could contribute, but they are not exclusive.

Ale started to do it and there is a pad created for it:

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