FairCoin2’s Docs Minutes of the Faircoin2 Launch extraordinary Assembly

FairCoin2 Assembly to prepare the launch.
Thursday 23 march 20:00h CET
Telegram 2017.fair.coop assembly group
Invitation Link: https://telegram.me/joinchat/BafzgAH-4hNTygVWKpxHdg

Enric, Tom, Roland, Fundo, Xavi, Yo, Michalis, Indalo, Neil
(some more just reading, 15 people were in this board)

1. Updates of technical development
Coding https://github.com/faircoin/faircoin2/blob/master/doc/on-proof-of-cooperation.md The development of the core wallet is almost finished. There is still some work to be done to handle exceptional situations better and also the fee logic that was designed for a fee market needs to be cleaned up. Otherwise most of the things look pretty stable right now.
betatesting: The current CVN operators did an amazing job so far by helping to test and keeping the test blockchain up and running
Electrum: @santiddt helped a lot with the electrum wallet which speeded thing up. This means only minimal thing left to do at the electrum side.
Android: This afternoon I was able to install a first development version of the FairCoin2 Android wallet. I think I can have a test version available in a couple of days.
Qt Wallet (full node): status?
paper – adapt design ?
Peer review of the source code: peer review process of the FairCoin2 core wallet source code has been initaited, ping @jaromil and jorge will have a look at it.

2. Getting things ready for the launch (except the technical part that was on the 1 point)

Here is the link to join:

– Current list of commited CVN. Move to reach more?

zumbrunn (online)
thokon00 (online)
chrkon00 (online)
prgiorgio (online)
fairkom (online)
northcountry (online)

heranode (offline)
IvanVdC – PV Node (offline)
yosu (online but not accepted)

cel (online, to be approved)
mmoya (online, to be approved)

1. The operators need to set up their hard and software and show that they can successfully and reliably run it.
2. We need to purchase the required number of Fasitos, initialise them and send them to the CVN operators.
3. Purchase and send the required number Fasitos to the chain admins and make sure they have also their wallets installed.
4. We need to prepare binary builds of all wallets we support.
Fasito is a signature device that can create chain signature for the CVNs and also the admin signatures for the chain admins.

We should do an announcement, saying faircoin 2 is getting ready, please join asap if you want to run a CVN and be part of the launch, 1 week latest before the launch.

Raspberry collective order campaign? Not recommended, we should have technical diversity. Everybody can buy a RPi. Who runs a CVN should be able to buy (upcycle) it, set it up and maintain it. We do a collectiveorder request now, and purchase if there are enough orders, for a broader purpose not just CVNs.
Users tutorials for the shift: We would need specially an easy way to help all the users to make the shifts to FairCoin2.
The electrum wallet can easily be restored with the passphrase words.
Automated migration will be investigated by Thomas, at least for core wallet.
The Android wallet is critical to implement a fully automated and transparent wallet migration.
Documentation group with Fundo
Can we set a day / specific time of arrival of FairCoin2?
There is only one way to do FairCoin2: to do it right. And that will take exactly the time it’ll take. That said, Tom is working his ass off to complete it as fast as possible (since one year now). So we keep communicating “in 2017”. And wif we need more time we will be able to argue that. A vague estimation is May – June 2017.

3. FairCoin chain administrators group (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAAvJsyzeAnkQB0-BkA)
This was the thread: /groups/faircoin2/forum/topic/call-for-admins-open-until-25-of-september/

– pending implementation tasks
– update of the group and next steps
– current list of chain admins:

Roland @rasos
Enric @efedin
Thomas König @thokon00
Guy James @guyjames
Maro Horta @marohf
Valentina @valnar
Graham @graham
Neil @nharan

List is re-agreed.
The admins should work out internal rules for decision making in the admin group based on an input by Tom and present to the next assembly.
Duties of chain admins see https://fair-coin.org/en/faircoin-faqs

4. Fees for Faircoin 2.0
Fees have been decided in June 2016 here: https://board.net/p/10thFCOpenGlobalAssembly#lineNumber=111
Current discussion about the fee structure as it is: /groups/faircoin2/forum/topic/strategical-vision-of-fees-for-faircoin-2/
OLD thread is here: /groups/faircoin2/forum/topic/economic-aspects-like-money-supply-and-transaction-fees/

Happily, fee can be adjusted, if the value of FAIR rises.
Roland asks for end of debate and take it up again when the market value is more than the internal rate of 1:20.
5. Communication plan for the faircoin 2 launch
update content: ongoing – Roland, Neil, Fundo offers ot help
apply nice design: fairkom member can do it, but she wants to be paid
visualize, which parameters can be adjusted
add languages ES, GR
merge with faircoin.co – Neil, Roland
ressources needed for those tasks
Multi – language support + multiple people who can edit in a simple editor are the main gains of a CMS.
Fundo is also supporting with CSS. Agreement, that hosting should stay with fairkom on Drupal.

Wikipedia Page EN: Neil starts a pad in the communication group

Social Media Campaign: potsponed

Articles to be published

Presentation on events & conferences
Linuxwochen Wien 4.5.?
Video: postponed

6. FairCoin domain dispute
(this was said in last general assembly to go to the next faircoop global assembly. – I propose it should be here, as it is related to faircoin domains)

7. Common ethical values of FairCoin
Start debate on ethical value set. We said it should be a bit broader then the one of 2017.fair.coop.
Starting points:
integral revolution https://integrarevolucio.net/en/integral-revolution/ideological-bases-of-the-call/
2017.fair.coop principles /principles/
Ethify yourself value set https://ethify.org/en/content/values

8. FairCoin development fund
Compensate dev work: @thokon, anybody else?
Compensate code review work
Compensate communication work

Potential sources:
bank of the commons 9k€
accelerator Parallel 18 – needs someone to go to NL for 6 months, 40k, also available in other countries.
We create an embassador program, using start-up accelerators. 2/3 go to the dev funds.

Roland will chat with Tom about a FC2 dev fund budget and how we could reach the goals.

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