Local Nodes’s Docs Minutes of the Local Node Assembly. February 20th 2017

Local Nodes Assembly.

Time: Monday February 20th 2017
19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group. By mail ( coop@fair.coop ) or in other telegram group

Enric, Chris, Roberto, Carbans, Romain, Maria Tri, Michalis, MarceloB, MarceloV, Lirca, Graciela
Notes on the assembly

1) Fairpay
– distribution process.
(Estimation for 4300)
250 pre-order
Athens 500
Thessa 250
Heraklion 250
Barcelona 800
Madrid 500
eusk 250
Valencia 200
Galiza 200
Jura 200
Ubatuba 200
Cordoba 200
others southamerica 500 (Rio, Guatemala, Quintana roo..)
– personalization
* Which nodes not print but want others to personalize of them?

So finally today we have the nfc tags, and we can begin to make progress distributing them. Mainly 50% is going to be send to Spain, 25% to rest of Europe and 25% to America. Athens, Barcelona, Herakion, Jura and Ubatuba are going to print as far i know; So to this places we only send the tags, and this is going to be the first. we have 180 orders and 5000 cards -> (Printers should be able to do fine with 300 mg)

2) Local Nodes asking for funding
Ubatuba – Brasil https://titanpad.com/FundingLocalNodesFormUbatuba; accepted by the assembly funding for 1 person (15h) to be shared amongst the 3 more active people in the Node. Waiting for OCP to be sorted out for local nodes that are no memberships of the coop

3) Sharing Local Nodes construction experiences:
OCP platform to manage working timetables, etc? https://freedomcoop.eu/ or how do you do?
Main roles of OCP are:
1. accountancy transparence and value distribution
2. project and task management
3. managing relations with members of a project, local node, cooperatives etc..
share wekans (to see the tasks, steps we are doing) amongst Local Nodes now, there is a new server, supporting wekan for faircoop. then you could ask sbd of your Local Node (who is in Telegram Tech group) to coordinate with wekan managers bumbum and ale, through that group. Fairnetwork and telegram group is still a short term resource for sharing info, knowledge and questions…

4) updates from Local Nodes
Guatemala: We’ve met with 5 collectives already present at a solidarity local “Mercadito”, where some have expressed interest in also joining our node.
Basc Country: we will speak about alternative moneys tomorrow. And the 9th of march, we have also an other presentation of FairCOin
Quintana Roo (Mexico): Our goal is to create a global financial system based on dignity and integrity, Preserving the world and ourselves. also have a Proyect that integrates Conservation through eco agriculture. https://somoslibertaria.wordpress.com/. They are also in touch with people in Mexico DF, lets see if this one comes soon… And also connected with the people around Buenos Aires.

Next assembly: monday 13 de march (20 is day of OCP hackaton, and could be more difficult to combine for a few…)

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