Local Nodes’s Docs Minutes of the Local Node Assembly. March 27th

9th Local Nodes Assembly

Time: Monday March 27th 2017
19h CET (Barcelona – Paris – Berlin time)

Place: This pad + Local Nodes Telegram group. Contact us to join the group. By mail (coop@fair.coop) or in other telegram group

Michalis Maro Enric Romain Roberto Maria tri Ale Maikel Chris Juanse Chapexs
Agenda of the assembly

1) Fairpay:
printing & design https://board.net/p/fairpaylocalnodes
shipping (any idea on how will it be? which LN will need to send to other LN…?) This already is happening.

The ones that still are not shipped is madrid, galiza, bilbao and rest of spain.
ubatuba has been shipped the tags, pending to arrive, print and distribute also in latinoamerica
pais valencia has been printed and are in the way. Catalonia all sent and many arriving.
Jura have the tags is in printing process i guess.
Athens and heraklion are fully active. Thessaloniki have the cards pending of NFC
So, some kind we are around 50 or 60% of the distribution process, doing more progress every day.

Related the global launch i plan to open orders in fairmarket again tomorrow. The website is ready in fairtoearth.com and the app, has been improved with some betatesting and already is working quite fine..So, tomorrow we could begin to accept new orders and need to keep coordinated for shipping them. An important focus since tomorrow is to add fairpay in shops. we will relaunch orders on the Fairmarket tomorrow after 3 months, and then we will see how growth the interest. use.fair-coin needs to be the place where to see how it growth the participation of merchants…
Related the coordination action of launching fairpay, perhaps we could begin to prepare a collective action, like fairpay week or so… for the moment that everyone is ready with their cards.. From 17 to 24 of may or 24 to 31 of may, could be a good reference..anyway we can see in next assembly when close to everyone have the cards, and also readers are more available,
There is also a proposal to make a collective order for external readers to support people and shops that have no NFC. in barcelona a provider offers by 22eur the first one,.. so could be less. not sure about the name of the device. barcelona will buy one and test.
2. Concret proposal of distribution of the 60% to local nodes of 4 quarter 2016 Freedomcoop

We can get a previous consensus for presenting on freedomcoop assembly

Has been choosen 11 local nodes who has been alive in 2016.
the first 20% goes to all of them
for the second 20% has been checked the incomes of members by country and divided between the local nodes of the country
for the third 20% has been considered 8 local nodes who has been more active in the period, and distribution came between this 8.

The incomes came
Spain 39980 fair
Greece 6040 fair
Switzerland 1200 fair
Argentina 600 fair
countries without local node 4800 fair

All the local nodes have to join OCP to receive the funds it can be done using the form for the fundign campaign: https://ocp.freedomcoop.eu/joinaproject/activation-sustainability-of-faircoops-local-nodes

We agree on this proposal to be presented in the freedomcoop assembly

3) Doubts (try to solve them sharing practices, how other Local Nodes do):
OCP – does any LN use OCP already for tasks in the LN…? After the hackaton, which are the new possibilities of this tool? (can we register other people working in the LN through the admin?) In Ubatuba, we’re using this trello https://trello.com/b/nu30jswR/faircoop-ninho-ubatuba, as we started a wekan but couldn’t import the information from trello, couldn’t manage some other things, so we decided to continue with trello, temporary, until we have the OCP ready for this
POE – do you have an account were you have the euros you receive in exchange from FAIR? is it an account from an association…? or a personal-collective account? (we have some problems in Brasil with this, and the easiest way seems to be opening a personal account, maybe shared amongst some people so it isn’t just one person’s responsibility… but we aren’t sure this is a good option neither..) Does any body knows any bank institution using this app? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2YHhLkOO9g
how do you “invest” the FAIR received monthly for the Local Node? (just wanting to have some ideas on how other LN do, in case they are useful also here)
communication – are you doing any bulletin, comunicating by e-mails list… apart from telegram? in Brasil, everybody use facebook… we prefer not to open a group in fb for the LN in Ubatuba, but it’s really difficult to arrive to people without fb here…

4) Spreading the word (agenda of presentations, workshops.. LN are planning):
Ubatuba: (First LN assembly December 27th 2016)
17/03 – 11h -> https://wiki.ubatuba.cc/doku.php?id=cienciaaberta:seminario
15/04 -> 1h for presenting the FairCoop in the Exchange Market we organize every 3 months
09/03 – 19:30h -> https://hackinbadakigu.net/herrien-neurrirako-ekonomia-digital-baterantz/
Different meetings to let some groups know more in deep about fairpay like EVA Alcoress and mercado of San Fernando in lavapies
Local Node is active as part of the local integral coop, so we are following every activity of the coop e.g. the autonomous street market https://cooperativas.gr/fairpay-at-autonomous-street-market-of-heraklion
Furthermore, we try to organise more specific events, like the one we did lately about cryptocurrencies https://cooperativas.gr/world-of-cryptocurrencies-faircoin . Lot of people still do not understand these type of coins and are skeptical of using FairCoin, so need to focus on that first.
We alredy have a set of merchants (around 12) that we aim to visit again and introduce the new FairPay app. Doing that will give as the chance to go around the local market once more and find even more merchants to join FairCoin.

Next assembly April 24th

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