Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Notes from the Fourth FairCoop Assembly.

Time: Thursday December 17th

19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group


– Enric
Santi, Imanol, Ale, Belly –> Nodo Bilbao


1. How FairCoop can help to activate use of faircoin at the local and regional level with local nodes. And how local nodes can be proactive in that goal.

Some of the discussions are here:

Thoughts on activating local regional markets.

Project fund for the local solidarity economies
In tht second concret proposal we could discuss the criteria for sending faircoins to the faircoop nodes, to manage themselves.
Notes from assembly
One proposal that was already published months ago, was about putting small funds of faircoin to be managed by local nodes, in order to boost the local activity with faircoin.
We are in a point of that kind of tools should be important to begin to be launched. So we should need a clear mechanism for how to do it, and give knowhow to the local nodes for making this happen. it would be very helpful for a local node to have a credit in FairCoins, firstly to support it’s solidarity economy and secondly to act as a POE

Create a faircoin discount system and local node fund methodology”
In Athens LOcal Node are thinking of staring a tour in January to all the shops and groups that would be interested in using FairCoin and join in the community, any funds, tools and strategies are welcome

the communication group was discussing about create a guide that help the users and merchants that could be adapted to any particular region, also to create some games materials like trading floor game from valeureux. An open guide that contains all the experience we are having. A good printed introduction is always needed (we’ve diptics and flyers), but to speak with merchants (even the friends) always leads to the fair-euro rates (both directions), and we need to guarantee the oficial (perhaps abit less?) exchange rate at changing fairs into euros, in order to have a chance. If we can simplify the seller guide to the best we can it will work much better, focusing only the dairy workflow..

About the funds to distribute in the local nodes we need to have a criteria about what the local node needs to acomplish in order to receive the funds and manage them.
One criteria that we have already about a local node is a minimum of three members
another criteria could be a minimal number of merchants / producers in the directory list. we agree on number of FairCoin spots in the directory… this is dependent to the area as well, but I see 5 as a minimum

The local node is something separated from the merchants and needs to have a decition process transparent about how to use the funds for boosting faircoin with transparent proccesses as’s not about number, but about engagement (participation in the network, updating directory, etc)and participation in local events and networks in order to promote fairCoop

One proposal that I have is to make an specific telegram group for local nodes.. This could be a way for following up the work of the nodes related the funds. The node coordination group?
This will help to focus and being involved the people that is in a local node but have not a lot of time a group for networking the local nodes. not coordination group, but all the nodes is very important that create ways to join for anyone in the world, who is working in create a local node, also In this new telegram group for the nodes I think we should discuss and organise the necessary material that nodes Need to work efficiently and manage to expand the network

One thing is that we need to separate the task of managing a fund for boosting the local economy, with the task of paying the local node expenses.

one caracteristic of that fund is that should be invested for creating local exchange. (not for changing to euros)
for example: funding the first command of one coffe shop to their coffe provider who also accepts faircoin or giving credit to consumers to begin use faircoin in their local merchants

Another key thing in the strategy for me is that we need to promote FairCoin as a economic and tax desobedience tool, not only as a decentralised alternative, next week they will launch a pad for this

Task Decided

1) create a nodes group,

2) guide for using faircoop

3) each node should have time to present their proposal..

maybe each node should be approved at an assembly for now.

Faircoin funds managed by local nodes; the discussion with Heraklion included the idea of creating together a local fund in euros, for giving security to tthe merchants
thats strategy when possible gives autonomy the local nodes to boost the local economy without depending on global faircoop liquidity

We should have a collaborative document where states all the data of local nodes linked to the criteria: members, meetings, merchants active in the zone, poe exchanges and liquidity in euros if there are
So, that collaborative document will bring use the info for the management of the funds

our agreement, could be to develop that document and a list of criterias.
Also to create the telegram local nodes group.
And for the next assembly we can make a final agreeement for begin to distribute funds for being managed by the nodes.

Another discussion is for communication is to make a general call, for creating and promoting local nodes around. This could be work in process until next assembly, perhaps… and share the information and new guides that we have for promoting more and more local nodes creation
2. Common Service of web hosting in faircoin for projects commited with the faircoop values.

See the proposal here:

Notes from assembly
we already have the admin pool document with suggested tech on the wifi.. so what we want to support.. and then can teach people more about hosting… ideally at each node some hostig services can be provided.. and selling vpn or voip for example is good for online producers..

The group of admins should have Ale think a description on their fairnetwork profiles with a tag saying “admin member”. services should have at least 2 people to be responsible for them. and we need a place where we can meet so either irc which already exists or a telegram group. Sebas made one but only directed at the website.
FairCoop seems to have the availability in bandwidht and storage.

Now we could see if for example we do a large and stable self hosted environment of services.. like mailing lists and ethercalcs etc, then do we want to share that hosting and server space with other groups
we could follow this up in a practical way creating entries in use.faircoin and supporting groups that are already offering services there

We have already a VPS service in the same hosting than and the first proposal is begin to offer to groups close to faircoop values. When the VPS begin full, we can look next step between the shared resources.
Like Offer something in exchange of faircoin, this should be for hosting services of websites from collectives..
There is a proposal to the webadmins group on telegram
3. State of Global South Fund.
Wednesday 16th was the 2nd meeting of this working group. We are doing first steps. This will be a first update about this working group and call to action/call of ideas.

There have been two talks and it has been proposed to schedule a third talk
there are also the info about the letter for the global south contacts, that is the first task:
there is a telegram group created
the meeting was held here

4. Revise the documentation on the FairCoop site. A lot of this is out of date now or at least could be improved. (note from ale: does this need to go in the Communications assembly instead?) All agree that this is work on communication assembly so it will be discussed in the communication group.

5. Update on fairmarket and Preparations for FairMarket Hackathon

Notes from assembly
it’s a networked event so you can all join in. you can connect via irc, on freenode or on the faircoop group we will post some updates too about how to get involved.

None of us go as experts and we are all learning together and getting out the manuals and just doing. but it’s not just programming, but also thinking of flows of logic.. how will people use this.. where..we will talk about design, configuration, documentation, as well as programming and programming includes both python and even just understanding the process.. and what type of servers we will need so it doesn’t crash

We have the work santi has done, where he expects even alone to be able to do it but we can obviously help, and we have thought with icarito of testing and admin aspects.

We will be connected so we can mumble, and we can use tox.. or other systems 🙂
first point of contact will be the irc and faircoop group here.

It would be very cool if people could document use cases, also it means we look at what it does now to make sure people don’t get stuck filling in a form and give up with fairmarket.
Elle has written on that pad a few of those contingencies.. local laws, shipping..
really we’re designing the core of faircoop so it needs input from all over the place.. no more perception that this is just a python project

The other thing is that it looks like we have one half of the programming need mostly done.. although we have to look in detail of course, so it looks like if we get through the multicurrency payments sytem, other tasks involve checking and testing and configuration, and these other types of tasks which we’ve mentioned..

Everyone can come and join in somehow if have time this weekend 🙂 just check out the pad or add times when you want to connect..

6. Refugee fund and activities to coordinate between spaces. Creating a network of health projects for refugees and generally for FairCoop with the help of the Local Nodes

We could begin the campaign around january 8-10, using CoopFunding platform.
People from Athens were recently in Lesvos and collected lot of infos
Notes from assembly
To go on summer as FairCoop for a month for examle creating local nodes
the needs are many and in every area
we could prepare a trip to go in Lesvos during the summer..another summer camp here this time with the purpose to help the refugees and also have the time to promote faircoin there not, in summer to long better to create a local node there. One point about that is in summer things can be change very fast.

Valeria think that faircoin can be linked easily with funding of projects there..many groups that work there and help set up crowdfunding campaigns and maybe through faircoin we can make their lives easier…but in any case to build trust and have the necessary time to talk about it,,you have to stay in the island for at least a month

7. Summary of the first communication assembly

Notes from assembly
Summary of the communication assembly:

We decided to have two meetings at month (the second and the fourth thursday every month) to coordinate the tasks.

We talked about the necessity of mapping of needed resources (make an open call) and coordinate the work with local nodes and we decide to use the local node group /groups/local-nodes/ as a place where all the local nodes can share their events or news that want to be shared in the social networks or any other help they can need.

We also talk about the faircoop image and to try to have all the proposals done to vote and define the definitive style book

About the way of being in communication we’ll use the communication group of the fairnetwork /groups/faircoop-community/communication/ and also the telegram group.

We talk about to develop the campaign about the funds for refugees and to create a guide that can be useful both for local nodes and merchants to be familiar with faircoop/faircoin, a guide for helping the local node to help the users and merchants that could be adapted to any particular region, also to create some games materials like trading floor game from valeureux.

We are working in define the tools we are going to use to help to do all this work, just now we are using sandstorm and wekan next to organise the work.

In the communication group you have the complete notes of the assembly

You are all invited to join and help
Next assembly of the Communication group January 14th.

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