Refresh Fair.Coop’s Docs Re-organize proposal of FairNetwok

Propose :

1. Reorganize the groups in FairNetwork
2. Create a dynamic menu for easy access to them, in oposition to the actual one.
3. Remove the forum menu, once the forum his always under the group menus, the user will always have access to it , it his explained in the guide to FairNetwork – “Note that every fòrum belongs at the same time to a group with the same name.”, but it seems it makes a lot of confusion, so I think it’s better to say that the forum his inside the group, or the correspondent sub-group .
4. Raise the number of recents, because they work in a way like a shortcut, if there his a possibility to put the “Favorite Forum Topics“ in the main page of fairnetwork, or to create somethnig like that to groups, or sub-groups, would be facilitator for users. :

– Latest discussions

Groups activity

– Last Open Documents

5. I propose also this structure for the groups, the texts that are under each groups are the ones that actually exits. One of the thing of this proposal his to have the same, or the most similar nomenclature (names) of the rest of the website structure/menus and submenus, because it makes it easy for the user to identify more clearly, any one of them.
Ecosystem Council:

  • General Branch: Makes decisions about the overall functioning of, The FairCoop ecosystem Council, where their members can collaborate and debate about general .

  • Economic branch: Makes decisions on the various economic tools and operation of this system

  • Extension Branch coordinates and organizes the networking and supports local nodes, creates connections , networking, mutual cooperation and extend around the globe .

    • Node Support Comission : Gives support to local nodes, and to faircoop members willing to create a local node

Fund councils: These emerge from the seeds planted in the earth and are responsible for managing the funds so that individual projects can flourish.

  • Global south Council: Supporting the empowerment and self-management at a local level

  • Commons Council: Building global open commons , the internal space for the members of this council

  • Technological Infrastructure Council: Creating the means by which we’ll share the information flow, to share the internal Council work of the Technological Infrastructure Fund.


Economic System Comission

  • Management Commission: Responsible for all internal accounting
  • FairSaving : Fairsaving is the savings service FairCoop provides. Your savings will help to enhance the value of faircoin and therefore of the different Fairfunds managed by FairCoop. Thus, Fairsaving is born as the first […]
  • Faircredit: Faircredit will be’s big bet on monetary innovation to build, thanks to its complementarity with Faircoin and the work of and its members, a new, more equitable and globally efficient economic […]
  • Faircoin: Group for discussions and projects directly related to Faircoin

  • FairMarket : Group for discussing and organizing the way how FairMarket will work

IT Commission: Responsible for all topics related to computers, communication systems, and visual development of It divides into three sub-branches:

  • Web Development: it develops content and tools necessary for optimal functioning of the website

  • Web Management: it supports members in their use of the site and provides network technical support

  • Global Communication : it develops with the web development, and web management, communication commissions the visual solutions for the community, website, and all cycles of communication information.

Communication Commission: To manage the entire scope of information transmission from and to

  • Broadcasting and Culture: Organize and participate in events to raise awareness of the initiative, press realease and contacts with the press.
    • Press: Links with the media

  • Social Networking: Build presence in different social networks such as facebook, reddit, twitter etc.

    • Group welcoming: Responsible for welcoming and validating all new groups that are recorded in the website , also it should have a proper link to all the Bioreginal Comissions

    • Ask us anything : We are the FairCoop promoter team, if you have any doubt, just ask us!

    • Bulletins

  • Translation: Translate the website, as well as the content of the social network, into as many languages as possible , all the languages subgroups shoul be here.

    • Requests Translations Group

    • Portuguese Translation : This sub-group is used to coordinate translations to Portuguese, including collaborative work and peer-review of translations. If you’re translating something to Portuguese, drop here a line to make sure

  • Multimedia: Create materials to make communication of simple and easy

    BioRegional Commission: In charge of giving national/local support to all nodes so they can manage themselves and extend node’s local scope as well as the number of faircoin nodes to help keep the system secure.

  • Fair Coop Colombia : Grupo para Coordinar esfuerzos y Cooperación en Colombia

  • Fair.Coop UK : Space for people intending to promote Fair.Coop in the United Kingdom.

  • fairCoop Argentina : Grupo para coordinar tareas en Argentina

  • fairCoop Catalunya : This is the space for meet together the people promoting Fair.Coop in Catalonia. Aquest es l’espai on trobar-nos les persones que promovem la Fair Coop a Catalunya

    • Local Nodes : In acordance to each country carecteristics the local nodes could be under the bioregional groups, for example in catalunia it already exists two

    FairCoop Brasil : Grupo pra nos coordenar no Brasil

  • North-Coop : A group for people in Norway and the northern ereas around (Sweden, Finland, Russia etc.) that have ideas and projects they want to discuss.

  • C. Valenciana : Aquest es l’espai on trobar-nos les persones que promovem la Fair Coop a la comunitat Valenciana Here is the place where people from ”Comunitat valenciana” area could meet and work together

  • FairCoop Ile de France : This is the group for the French users around Ile de France, the region of Paris.

  • FairCoop Germany : Dies ist die deutsche Gruppe. Hier könnt ihr beispielsweise eure Ideen für Einzel-oder Gemeinschaftsprojekte einbringen und austauschen oder lokale Treffen organisieren um das in […]

  • FairCoop BZH : Voici de quoi nous coordonner et nous organiser en Bretagne historique

  • FairCoop Portugal : Grupo Português da FairCoop

    • Local Nodes : In acordance to each country carecteristics the local nodes could be under the bioregional groups

  • FairCoop Madrid : FairCoop local node in Madrid, Spain

  • FairCoop Galway : Local node for FairCoop in Galway, Ireland

  • FairCoop Cascadia : Local node for FairCoop in the bioregion of Cascadia