Second Council meeting

FairCoop ecosystemic council (complete reading yet not summarized to publish)

Second meeting november 19
IRC #faircoopecosystem


1. Aprovation of the notes of wednesday november 5


The notes are aproved by unanimity
2. Presentations of the draft of methodological process and first discussion


(we have a week to discuss it)


* Draft ? 06-18 November

* internal dicusssion on the council ? 19-26 November

* open discussion on the network ? 27 -10 december

* draft update with network ? 11-14 december

* Voting 15-21 December

Lirca says it would be great to find sth more concrete for point 5, as it sounds very different, related to points 3 and 4

There’s a discusion about how to support descentralization around the discusion of this methodological process:

Some talks about this was:

– how are we going to avoid centralisation both power, money and organisational structure wise? imo: allowing p2p access amongst the nodes [+], allow nodes to access key documentation like minutes and decision processes (seems like we are doing fine all in these points.. success in this can solve the problem of designing a global structure from the beginning by a small group who decides how the main engine will work in the future, so how to allow this grow or built on actually working cooperative practise might be clarified after a good open discussion [like how to have a fluid or plastic structure, more modular, that allow easy adoptations on the way -also in relation to below point ?]

About local nodes information, could be  two ways combined:

  • have a method to give acces to the internal groups.
  • have a clear process to publish publically being transparent.  Like a “decissions newsletter”. So if anybody wants to change sth decided in the Council, just asking for the 10% participation… can change it.

Otherwise  the content management system is not a method priority at the moment because this will depend of the website software that we use. because some strategic decisions are pending at this level, we need to wait for the technological development.
3. Dinamization of fairnetwork participation: An emailed letter to all the registered members
presenting the provisional council, some updates about faircoop and the methodological process draft
Because november 27 is scheduled as a data for open the discussion in fairnetwork, the council agreed to make this discusion.

We have a week to prepare this email to the 500 registered users in faircoop that also could be send openly in social netorks and mailing lists.
We decide to put this proposal directly in the ecosystem forum openly and other people can be involved.
Questions discussed on the meeting:

– how to aviod accumulating lots of texts and documents turming into beurocratic garbage [order, wiki catagorization,…]?

A way be making access to the wikis and pads as easy as possible like we might give links to mentioned items, documents, minutes, and pages more intensive [as in wiki pedia] when applied, in order to allow easier surf among the documents for the new comers] Texts and documents are signal of rich activity.. taxonomies are already scheduled to organize contents on social networks..
Otherwise a good documentation method depends af time to organize content. If we are able to get people with this time we will solve it.


4. Updates on internal economics.
Was presented another update of tthe internal economics numbers

– confirmed travel spends

– update of proposal to spends in somekey tasks related the tech developement, and commuications.

There are some confirmations pendings before make public the internal economics numbers, and we are waiting for this. Anyway if this confirmations get delayed, we will make it public anyway at final of november, with the information that already can be public.