Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Second FairCoop Open Assembly Resume

Hour: 19h CET  (time in Madrid/Barcelona)
Bum Bum
Santi and Yosu 
Luis Tiago
/florent … whith more than 1 hour late
icarito … very late
Facilitator:  Enric
Coordinating notes:  Ale & Maro
Still open: Add your proposals
1. Priority on Fairmarket development
  • Someone  that can focus on manage a team, focusing on documentation,  organizing  events like hackatoons if needed. Coordination with other  odoo  projects, like wezer and the Odoo vertical community (see:
  • Someone that have experience with Odoo
ale: I’m concerned people are already talking about tools and methods when we are also doing this in the point about the pool of admins and servers, and what tools we should support. Great to see there is lots of help coming together for this task. I’m a python programmer too but I’d rather just help coordinate the availability of collaborative tools and human dynamics and help specify tasks to make it easier for people to just get stuck in and fix something.
elleflane: Sorry I will be in XCTIT meeting at same time. But XCTIT and me have some experience in odoo,http. also we last week we start to share time with some main odoo developper Wouter Tebbens, who is col.laborating also  with license XCTIT.
We want to apply and we work for projects (start-finnished time)
Maybe we can make a specific pad of issues and task to do and timetable also including the communication campaigne, and we can thing if we can do it, because we have another “fires” yet
elle_flane at
Maro: I can help in communication also.
dimitris: I have some python experience and doing some reading on Odoo but I have no experience there apart from setting it up.
I’d be happy with helping with organizing the team, documentation and event, but because of my location at Heraklion I will be limited to  local events, if someone is located nearby bigger communities or can  travel he/she might be better for this. Perhaps it would be better to  gather a team together, see who is willing to do what and look for any “gaps” we may have as soon as possible. The funds of course can help and I’d propose that any money allocated by the assembly should be managed  with in the dev team as they see more appropriately of course with  openness and with the assembly’s overlooking. So I’d set the priority to getting a core team together and start a few initial meetings. I’m available to work on this from next week. I’ll try to be in the meeting but I’ll be travelling by boat so internet connection will be unreliable.
Notes on the assembly:
We need to do a stable group, where someone gets responsability for having all the knowledge needed. Seems that could be people for each need in odoo/python, but still pending someone for the payment processor.  
We hve dimitris for the team, not secure if he will be able to connect because he is travelling.
Also XCTIT team from cic, that can join. who else could have an active role?
The Odoo is already in alpha in but we need the new team to take control of that and develop mainly the payment processor for faircoin conected with the blockchain
Bernini (frontend development and UI) wants to collaborate.
specifically for example is needed frontend for the payment screens in faircoin
but this is some specific
better to talk mainly about the team is important to count with someone that can put fairmarket in a high level of his personal priorities In the forum of the market there are the pending priorities, and in github is the last version.
Dimitris already commented that is needed documentation work as a part of the tasks of the team.
The first thing is take the control of the development and get a server to do that.
and with the team put the info together about the priorities and distribute the tasks. For make this possible we should decide about responsibles, budget and how to manage it.
We need a VSP, There is a discussion about resources in another titanpad, concerning that of servers, etc.
First we need a contact list of those willing to join the dev team.
*Guy says “what I don’t understand about the market thing is that Fairmondo and the UK group are working on a merger, and presumably they are going to be using the code from…? as this is a working project, would it not make more sense to join that project?” E. Talk about Wezer and odoo togeher with MAN >(another project). Wehavea contact Sibylle in wezer and wants to work with us.
Problems: Fairmondo have not a community for the software and wezer in using a different language.
Ale says is it okay to assume the admin pool will take care of sysadmin. I guess the main thing is a backedn dev?”
Anyway code for odoo is not the most urgent, because we have it working, and the main pending thing is the payment processor
Elle and wezer people can share experience related to setting up the system
and Elle and XCTIT wants to be involved.
another priority that sauko identified: “We need to define and develop methodologies and actions for motivating potential users to engage the Market. This has a direct relation with points other in the list of priorities, regarding Local Nodes’ activity.” This come after
for guy they are doing a very similar project, an ethical marketplace, except that we are coming from an activist direction, and they from a more fair trade business direction. so it doesn’t make sense to have two separate projects really. possibly we can persuade them to join our project,Enric say we was trying to work with them in summer, but we can try to contact again. 
There is a discussion on this issue about wezer, fairmondo and Odoo, guy say do parallel projects and support each other in other ways.(see the whole discussion in the chat)
XCTIT count with Wouter Tebbens who is an odoo consultor
Ale say to organise a chat between us and sybille and elle/xctit?
we can reserve a budget but before begin to spent we need a team to be formed, 
Ale say that people of can have dev to help in the project.
the main team of Ale, dimitry, wezer people and XCTIT, should focus on odoo and if someone wants to prepare a paralel proposal lets do…
we need python developers and people learning on that
the task for the payment processor includes backend and frontend. another priority is create a stable looking team and process.
about project management. Would anyone else like to help? It’s probably best to have separate meetings to prioritise tasks. An agile framework.. or just a light dusting of it?
Proposal Ale and Dimitry joining as a project managers together to build a team with Wezer contacts, XCTIT, and who individually could join, Then could work also in the budget needed to get the beta version working in the next assembly we could aproove the budget.
Florent form Valeureux join and we meet in anext meetingto continuing discussing about it
2.  Priority on Sustaining global/local communication
Maro: Hi I apply for this task as I do it the last months, So I created a pad wih all we are doing just now that is related with translations, news and social networks. we need a continuity in this point and even make it bigger and to do so I would like to take care of it and continuing doing that task in a daily basis and to coordinate a group to continue and grow.
Notes on the assembly:
Communication Team.
maybe trello or similar tool could be used to coordinate this, it needs task management, calendar and file trnasfer/sharing system
part of it is publishing but also I think some of the points in the communications document feed into other areas. For example when we go to some big producer or coop or group, we can interview them, and also get them using faircoin, produce contents is an interesting stuff that the group should promote collaborating with local nodes, also each local node could take different tasks so we can have simple activities for non programmers to meet.
with translation, I wanted to propose that GT – guerrilla translation have created a great resource which is our wiki, and it has many guides and what I think is a fantastic way of organising translation and splitting this work
Bumbum can share the designs done lately for printed stuff: flyer, diptic and the economic tools diagram… we need to decide where to upload it
we need to focus in the team that can develop that.
So, for being doing as a group responsibles and managers, we have maro.
Any one more ? Natalia
suggest to agree a budget for the coordination of the group. Knowing that one-off tasks will be on a volunteer basis
Ale suggest what budget is there for communication? if we have a good task system we can split work and “credits” or payment for paid work using that.  part of the task of the group.
we have already the reference that bumbum is doing multiverse programming rasks for 600 eur/month. Enric suggest something similar for the communication group, as a budget.
Maro says its what she need to cover her basic needs
This could be to begin. After in the process if more people like Natalia joins getting a central role, this could be rescheduled, Maro agree
Everyone agrees
Sauko say it would be good to invest in distributing communication through local experiences, and have a true multiblog community or multinews 🙂 including people from local nodes in the news team.
translations are an issue if nodes are posting in their own language
we could even have separate areas for both kinds of posts at frontpage, we can pull RSS feeds from local nodes’ blogs if necessary.
There is also another aspect which is the human dynamics. I would like an active node so people coming to find out about faircoin can join in. So its creating a physical space in or around a node so people can drop in and work, and not just do work but also meet and create connections.. Anyway it’s all related to getting healthy nodes working 🙂
at the level of local node awareness we must to go further of making things happen open and collaboratively
Sauko added that in Galiza they want to open a facebook group for engaging local people directly after preentations, meetings, and keep local users informed. as well as a tool for motivating people to join, discuss, etc.
3. Update from Admin Group
The admin group proposal is that all people doing developments – fairmarket or website etc, and all people hosting services collaborate on a pool of shared services, methods and documentation etc – basically a collaborative way of working on bounties and tasks, 
At the last meeting I presented the idea and since then various people have offered servers or suggested ways we can use to communicate in secure and decentralised ways. I  believe a priority is shared task, calendar, and document sharing systems so we can coordinate our work and begin to break down bounty tasks into sub tasks/times, skills required etc.
We have shared our evaluation of different services and ideas for secure, decentralilzed and libre communications tools and listed our time or experience and availability for maintaining or supporting development spaces for servers. Let’s agree on a permanent way of communicating and some servers for some first priority of these tools. (ale)
Notes on the assembly:
Ale proposed in the last assembly a group, and on the page linked on the assembly pad ( ) there is a list of tools and how we might use them or are already using them in faircoop and a list of servers or services people can offer. so I’d like to propose we set up one as a way to accompany work on communications and fairnetwork
First priority is to organize related servers for basic core FC services and sites
but one of those is to allow us to communicate.. so things like alternatives to telegram or trello, so wonder if any admins who proposed their help would like to help do the sysadmin part for fair market
that also fits with other things in that document which are more about how to get remote nodes using safe and secure software or general architecture not of our sites but of the work we envisage doing also as productive projects. also hopefully with assemblies or some kind of history, so how about one server to put this on? and we can choose what services to run on it, Enric say ask Thomas to add the resources he is bringing for fair-coin and faircoop
We discuss about different possibilities about hosting and other issues ( you can see the whole conversation in the Telegram group)
Also discuss about communications tools at the short term we are talking only about communication between admins but not for all faircoop and start with tox, but they are going to test different tools.
anyway if finally all admins are using telegram because are also in other groups, why not have a telegram group for comunicate with the rest of faircoop humans.
Related to some kind of trello but free software in our servers, talk about one called Wekan and one called Scrumblr, be needed something more like trello
4. A project that Entropy factory offers to be presented together with FairCoop
what bloockgle does?
With bloockgle you can publish and search contents in the blockchain in a simple form, which lets to put a non manipulable technology, and non censorable, as a service for the crowd. 
The blockchain more than a a distributed database for bitcoin or faircoin, became a place where to share any information that we want to put  for the human kinds as a commons. without mediation neither control from any economic, mediatic or state control. Anonimity also lets you to publish anything in a way that nothing important for the humanity, would must to remain hidden anymore. 
Notes on the assembly:
bloockgle is a tool for publishing and searching in the blockchain
and make this accesible to the crowd
very easy like you can see in the publish forms…
seems very simple but still not exist before a project like this in the bitcoin ecosystem
and they propose to launch together with bitcoin and faircoin
And because is a project for the commons, we as a faircoop, could have a role in the promotion and extension of the tool
this tool can put a content in the blockchain and make a descentralized index
yo can use to intelectual propiety
share torrents
make crowdfunding
Also share leaks 
now only have 6 forms
but is very easy put more
we put the source in a few days in github
for publishing is needed to pay the miners fees, is an intersting tool for manage a comunity without people in the middle. and you can choose wich blockchain to publish ( bitcoin or faircoin blockchain)
The concern is the fee too small that can be as a result spam in the faircoin blockchain, we need to take a look on this and avoid this problem.
Also we can suggest new forms to be added, and make it better
We can make a post about that tool on faircoop and share big on the social media
progressively the full nodes will be in dedicated computers or services like in bitcoin but we are still away of that…
Thomas say In FairCoin 2, the fees could go for the nodes together with pooled needs
it can also be a tool for hacktivism in the all planet 😉
Thomas also pointed about 
to promote it as a project where FairCoop is involved everyone agree
Thomas and Vicent will be in contact to see the development of the tool
A cooperative project by artist-activist Ibrahima Seydi to reverse illegal migration and bring people to help cultivate and build dwellings and cooperative work in Ziguinchor, Senegal. I’m setting up the site and soon will be on fairmarket. Also interesting problem is how to get him the money from any donations he might get in faircoin so he can make use of them in Ziguinchor!
Notes on the assembly:
it’s just an example of a global south project. and you’re all invited to senegal to visit it 🙂
Ale will add faircoin donations and also we will sell artisanal things for it
Last announce: Thomas is goingto bring down because it is not used at all
Next meeting November 19th

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