Date: 10 PM 18 December 2017
  • Surat Local Node Meeting 

Participants: Whosen, Huzaifa, Yusuf, Shabbar



  1. Setting Regional Price for FairCoin.    

  1. Promoting Faircoin through personal annd Business Network

  1. Reaching out to merchants with similar values as FairCoop. 

  1. Check out the possibility of BoC account in local coop bank

  1. Possibility of using social media/Whatsapp to spread the word locally and to broader Indian people. Each member can do their bit

  1. Regular meetings in the first or last week of the month?


  • Euro price was fluctuating between 75 to 76. So average price Rs 75.5 is taken as official as long as Faircoin Price is 1 Euro.
  • Will reach out to business and personal network. Possibly design a physical Pamphlet or Card size contact details and main points. Will continue the discussion on this Weekend. 
  • Using faircoin as currency and merchant acceptance was considered a big challenge with little success. It will require possible collaboration with organizations with similar values. In Surat city there are such organization but with little technical understanding of cryptocurrency. Possibly use of FairPay cards will simplify user experience and merchants will consider accepting it. Everyone will discuss the matter again this month ending meet. 
  • About usage of social media: A well crafted whatsapp message with important links can be spread through personal network. A whatsapp group for interested people can help connect faster. Group needs to be moderated and queries resolved for which some time investment will be neccesary as group grows. 
  • Regular meeting every third Saturday of the month.