Ecosystemic Community’s Docs Third Ecosystem council meeting

Third Faircoop council meeting
20h GMT/UTC  21h CET
1. Approve the notes of the last council meeting 
Everyone Agreed
 2. Approve the first draft of the methodological document to be discussed openly in the network
 Proposal: Maybe it would be good to include the links (when what is written in  the draft has been copied from the web) so it eases to have the information ordered (for me, it helps to know where is the info coming from, so if I want to dive further, I know where to go to find more info about the topic..
Agreed and done
A comment noted: approve of the document. It onbiously needs to be developed and contrasted against practical experience but, for now, this is an excellent start.
Conclusion: everyone agreed to publish and continue discussing there…
3. How to get with the bounty developement.

the propose to develop is to create a website 

– council can make announcements of things to do and rewards
– anyone can make an autonomous if i related faircoop improvements
– anyone can fill. Who has post the ann, decides whos is going to do the task, or will be varios at the time
there are different proposed ways to do this
* One specific software like this -> >
* Would be interesting to evaluate if could be used the same fairmarket for to do the bounty system before choosing bounty software anyway to concentrate the process.  This would be probably with WeZer.
* Another option is Mikorizal Software, who are working with Sensorica: HEre’s a great vid presentation on Sensorica’s system:
* also before the meeting Lirca talked about Eita coop:

If bounties are going to be applied, and agreeing with what Guy said, I think more people (like people from the Cirandas -cooperativa Eita: could join and share the technologies they’re working on-help developping the fairmarket
Not yet confirmed which sofware to use.
Stacco sent a postmeeting view:
“The Better Means system is pretty great and we’re adapting it for use with Guerrilla Translation. Along with our updated version we will make a “For Dummies” version (so we can remember!). I’m not sure how it would work on something as complex as Faircoop, so it’ll be interesting to think about and see if we could so a Faircoop specific adaptation. The main problem with these equity allocation systems is the pricing and follow-through. “How much is this worth?” “How do we make sure those goals that are to be rewarded by bounties have been met?”
After the software topic that there was a discussion about how to present this project.
A phrase that could work -> bounty system: you can be paid in faircoin for building up faircoop
There are a broad discussion about how to extend the project to people that dont is used to the ‘bounty’ word
Stella feels that the word bounty exclude a lot of people, Enric and Guy thinks that wiith the subtitle the whole thing becomes explained enough.
  • Stella justifiy her view: more specifically.. I think in general we’re drowing already in too much jargon – which excludes the kinds of people who hate jargon which are the WRONG people to exclude from something like FairCoop
Comment post meeting from Stacco: I’d use something that incorporates “Fair” a la “Fairbounties” or “Fairbooty”. I do think that a shot explanation/subheading can clear up any possible doubts pretty quickly.
Finally there was an Agreement that diagrams are useful to facilitate the knowledge.
4. Internal economics plans for december and information to be published publically
Was agreed to publish openly until november, and explain this part of the bulletin;
and lets december for the next meeting.
5. The bulletin to be sent to all the users
Proposal wrote before the meeting by Lirca: Add some information about the Global South Council here?  I think it will be good to help it to be more active, start working on defining the first people to work in this council…

 it would be adding one last point to the bulletin, something like this:

  •     5. Call for the Global South Council. The process for receiving the biographies of the candidates who want to become members of the first (provisional) Global South Council is  open. If you are interested in becoming part of the council, please send  your bio to any of the Ecosystemic Council members (/ecosystemic-council/). If you aren’t yet  in contact with any of us, please contact us at xxx@xxx.xx +1 (I have added this text to the bulletin now)