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  • 25/07/2015 στις 12:21 #8565
    Φωτογραφία του/της XaviPXaviP

    Hi 2017.fair.coop,

    I work with drupal, as frontend and module developer. I was thinking about to develop a little drupal module that creates a new field type for holding faircoin addresses, and try to share it in drupal.org for anyone who need it. To do so, I need to know how are estructured faircoin addresses: do you have any documentation about that? Can I use any js libraries to validate the addresses? Do you think could be interesting to develop it?

    Thank you for this initiative.

  • 25/07/2015 στις 16:55 #8567
    Φωτογραφία του/της XaviPXaviP

    I find this to validate bitcoin addresses in php. Is it suitable for faircoin?

  • 27/07/2015 στις 10:05 #8568
    Φωτογραφία του/της Enric DuranEnric Duran

    Hey @xavip That would be great because this could lets the mutual credit sytems that uses drupal, like integralces and communityforge to add faircoin as a complement to their alternative currencies.

    Also other uses can de done. For the technical specifications is ok, to add more help in support, i think

  • 27/07/2015 στις 11:29 #8569
    Φωτογραφία του/της XaviPXaviP

    I agree. So let’s go for it:


    Co-developers and co-testers are wellcome 😉

    The module is installable, but still there’s no complete validation because I need  some info about types and formats of faircoin addresses. I ask for it in support email. Salut!

  • 04/09/2015 στις 15:58 #8760
    Φωτογραφία του/της XaviPXaviP

    Hi, the module is ready:


    And a new module is born for compatibility with drupal commerce:


    This last module works ok, but needs more development. It creates a new FAIR currency and a payment method, but to develop comunication with faircoind is needed. More info in the module link. Co-developers are welcome.

    PD Can anyone edit the tittle of this thread:
    Drupal module faircom adress -> Drupal module faircoin address



  • 05/09/2015 στις 00:03 #8766
    Φωτογραφία του/της Enric DuranEnric Duran

    Thats greats, thans for your work!

    The title has been edited!

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