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    This thread aims to define togheter a method to organize  the creative, design and decision process of Faircoop’s visual identities creation and its related projects.

    Last meeting identified priorities are the following:

    • Reduce subjective decisions  
    • Decisions based on consensus instead of contest/jury
    • Rework the current material instead of creating brand new ones and create a valid guideline
    • Maintain the process as simple as possible avoiding the use of too many different tools and preferring the current ones such as titanpad, fairnetwork, telegram, wekan…


    Here’s a first draft of the proposal based on the human centered design method:


    Before going on with the creative brainstorming, we need to focus on discussing and defining shared ideas about what we want to communicate, the concepts and contents.
    This might be done first on a thread on fairnetwork or telegram and then through an online survey to fill together on titanpad. On this survey we’ll write several open questions to define objectives we want to pursuit, assets we already have – such as texts, pics or graphics – keywords, audience target and motivations. (survey e.g. https://titanpad.com/faircoopDesignSurvey)

    In the meantime:

    We need also to implement and define the current identity we can address (https://beacon.somosazucar.org:6080/grain/NroM2YkrDvWAoiJKXpzy5R/), creating a stileguide and stiletile page.


    After filling the survey, we’ll proceed creating a board on pinterest – or any other open source tool – to collect images to use as visual samples which help us to define a common visual mood to glean inspiration from. [ e.g. https://it.pinterest.com/davidepavone/editorial-layout/ ]



    Once we’ll have a common visual mood, reflecting all the needs come out from the survey, we can assign task to specific person or team on wekan, and start working on the proposal in a consistent and easer way.

    I don’t think this entire process will erase discussions but this is developed in order to create a shared mindset aimed to foster discussions and agreement instead of personal decisions.

    Summing up steps and tools:

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