FairCoop has a new website

Enric Duran Main page

Dear all 🙂

This is the latest post on this website, founded by FairCoop in September 2014.

Since a few days ago, we have a new website, more adapted to the current needs of the FairCoop ecosystem movement.

This new website is mainly composed of:

  • Home page https://fair.coop, which contains fixed information for those who want to know about us for the first time (newbies).
  • New Forum https://forum.fair.coop, which replaces the role of the old FairNetwork (from now on, you need to register here to join our new site).
  • New Blog https://blog.fair.coop, which is the space where we will publish the posts that were published here until now.
  • New Wiki https://wiki.fair.coop, a tool still in preparation, which will be very useful to document FairCoop!

As you can see, the old website has been moved to https://2017.fair.coop, where you can still access the old content.


  • Direct newcomers to the new website
  • Check our latest news on the new blog
  • Join us, registering in the new forum (soon, the login and password of this site will give you access to the whole ecosystem, thanks to the Fairlogin tool).

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