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Fairtrade and commercial network Besides launching Fairmarket and FairCredit the Faircoop want help expand as criptomoneda faircoin reference in the fields of fair trade and ethical consumption. Therefore, in addition to publicize faircoin between shops of this type, we will help to create through the Technological Iinfrastructure fund, facilities for processing payments, buying faircoin and its exchange for other reference …


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Online multishop for all products and services offered by FairCoop members What is FairMarket? FairCoop virtual market is the website where all products and services produced by members of the cooperative can be bought online. It’s a tool that will display and provide coverage of needs in a market that is trading platform for the different productive projects run by …


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The concept of FairFunding was already under discussion by the development team which implemented faircoin. Their goal was already to finance projects related to faircoin or equitable economy. Now in FairCoop we not only extend it and provide it with an improved infrastructure, but also will focus especially in strengthening faircoin as a value reserve currency. Therefore, the priority of …


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Coop Wallet is a p2p faircoin wallet based on the daemon (main piece of software) from the official wallet, with a new graphical interface added for ease of use. This wallet, when installed on your computer allows you to save your faircoins or do whatever you want with them. The new GUI aims at providing interaction with the cooperative, as …

Internal Economics

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As seen earlier, Fair.Coop has a political framework for management of the commons based on working commissions and councils, as well as spaces for participation and digital direct democracy, in terms of policy decisions. What remains to be explained is the inner workings of Fair.Coop regarding commons-related revenue and expenses. To begin to cover expenses the Pool Fund has been created …

FairCoop principles

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FairCoop will not define or create new principles. Too many of us, with different perspectives and from different corners of the planet, have wondered if an alternative is possible and whether the world could work otherwise. We know where we want to go and that we don’t want to stay here in this carousel empty of principles or values, which …

My Projects


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