The FairCoop practical guide to what is and how to use Faircoin

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One of the main objectives of FairCoop is to provide tools that facilitate the development and expansion of a new postcapitalist economic system based on collaboration. Thats why the FairCoop team has developed a practical guide on how to use each of these tools, available for PCs, mobile devices and even on paper.

FairCoin, one of the pillars of FairCoop economic system is the first cryptocurrency distributed in a fair way, completely secure, negotiated in the foreign exchange market, decentralized, green (does not require high energy consumption) consensual, not controlled, and encourages saving. From a practical point of view, the main feature of this electronic coin is that with it you can transfer value to other people safely, quickly and cheaply, and most importantly, without relying on governmental or financial powers.
To start using FairCoins the first thing you need to do is get an electronic wallet. You have several options; you can install on your computer or your smartphone:

Desktop Apps:

  • Official Faircoin Wallet: You can download the application available for Linux, Windows, Mac and Raspberry. Once installed, you can save your FairCoin in it and start your FairCoins transactions. This is the only tool on which the full blockchain (register of transactions) will be downloaded and so you will be helping to secure the network and verifying transactions from all the users.
  • Electrum Wallet. The main advantages of this wallet is lightness and you can use your wallet from any PC that has the application installed. Like other applications, from it you can send and receive Faircoins.

Smartphone Wallets

  • Android Wallet: It is the easiest and fastest way to send and receive FairCoins. Only with your Smartphone, an Internet or Bluetooth conecction and the QR code of the receiver, you’ll pay for products and services or send and receive FairCoins. You can find detailed guidance for installation and use in the present guide.
  • Chip Chap: Soon it will be the most complete solution for storing and transacting with FairCoin, even to buy it with a credit card.
You can find more detailed information on using each of these applications in the Practical guide to using Faircoin 
Once you have your wallet, you can get FairCoins and start using them. Options to acquire FairCoins are:

Buying FairCoins with national currency. There are two ways:

  • In you can buy Faircoins via credit card, bank transfer, or through FairBill. 
  • In a POE. The POEs (Points of exchange) are points of exchange for local currency into Faircoin that local nodes are enabling and at which cash can also be used.
Buying FairCoins with other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, through an exchange, e.g. Bittrex (

Selling products or services:  

  • UseFairCoin ( As a store or bussiness, you can register in the directory, we will help you spread your project and you will contribute to the realization of a new economic system.
  • FairMarket (currently under development: ): A website where all the products and services offered by members of the cooperative may be purchased online using FairCoin and FairCredit as ways of payment. 
Now that you know where and how to store and purchase your FairCoins you only need to know what to do with them.

Buying goods and services in the network of businesses that accept FairCoin

  • How? To pay you can use either desktop applications and mobile detailed above (FairCoin Wallet, Electrum wallet and Android wallet). Also, if you prefer or the business does not have access to any device to complete the transaction, you can use a PaperWallet with the exact amount payable (

Save them. There are two ways of saving FairCoin

  •  PaperWallet: If you have a lot of FairCoins you do not want to use right now you can keep them in a PaperWallet, which is a physical wallet with a fixed amount that can not be manipulated. In any case, this wallet is an addition to your electronic wallet with which to make transactions in everyday life.
  • FairSaving. In the process of buying FairCoins through, you can choose to use FairSaving, instead of receiving FairCoins in your own wallet. With FairSaving you can keep your savings in a safe place besides getting new Faircoins as a result of minting your savings and also help to develop and strengthen the various initiatives that are generated within FairCoop by investing in them. You can find more information about FairSaving at the following link: /fairsaving-2/ An important thing to consider before using the service is that by using Fairsaving the user makes a commitment to not withdrawing the Faircoins during the first six months: as well as serving as a saving service, also it serves as a store of value for Faircoin.

Invest or donate. Because the best way to contribute to the development of new initiatives is to invest in them.

  • CoopShares is a decentralized cooperative designed to provide resources to fund and provide liquidity to the global and open FairCoop ecosystem. Investing in this cooperative will provide funds for the development of the FairCoop ecosystem, so investors can recover and eventually have profits from their investment in the project.
  • Also through Coopfunding you can donate Faircoins to ethical projects that you want to boost. Fairfunds are included in this initiative.
And finally, if what you need is to convert FairCoins into cash, you can do it in thousands of ATMs in multiple countries through our service:
Fairtoearth ( Is a Smartphone and web application with which you can make withdrawals at many ATMs in Spain and Poland, using the technology Halcash incorporated in almost all of the ATM network in both countries. Halcash is a revolutionary way to obtain refunds or send money instantly to anyone via mobile. For more information: In addition it is also possible to make payments and withdrawals in Mexico through the Telepay network. This service will be expanded to be offered in most parts of the world.
Already there are more than 50 billion coins in circulation and are nearly 10,000 users who use FairCoin. Join us and together we can create a cooperative global ecosystem that can compete with capitalism.

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