We are extending the Crowdinvestment Campaign.

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As you know, the crowdinvestment campaign to support the development of Faircoin 2, based on ‘Proof of Cooperation’, is about to end this week. Due to the delay in publishing the White Paper containing the technical details needed by those who want to contribute to this new economy, we have decided to extend our campaign by 10 more days. Our aim is to give an opportunity to those who are interested in knowing more about the project in depth, so they can contribute towards making it a reality.

So the new date for the end of the campaign will be the next July 7th – and because of that we invite you to read the White Paper here: https://chain.fair-coin.org/download/FairCoin2-white-paper-V1.1.pdf, to contribute to the debate: /groups/faircoop-community/faircoin/faircoin2/ and to take a look at the current state of development: https://github.com/FairCoinTeam/faircoin2

We want to remind you that those who contribute with 100 euros or more have the opportunity to get double the amount of Faircoin! Because you are contributing towards a new and more fair economic system with the development of this innovative grassroots project.

Join and collaborate:

Faircoin 2 Crowdinvestment Campaign

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